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Hemp for new global challenge - sLOVEnia, a diversity to discover


Distinguished guests, speakers, competitors, sponsors and other participants in WORLD HEMP CONGRESS !

First of all we would like to thank all those who have in any way participated and/or contributed to our previous WORLD HEMP CONGRESS events, to WHC sperakers, global hemp activists, PRESS, to reasonable modern politicians, to public, sponsors, partners, innovators, tireless students, investors ... ...

With your help, the WORLD HEMP CONGRESS has grown into a global movement at the highest level and with the inclusion of LIVESTREAM broke all the expectations.

WORLD HEMP CONGRESS 2012 has premiered and attended more than 12,400 viewers via electronic connections worldwide from 36 countries, US President Obama, Slovenian agricultural policy is also actively engaged with us. US vote for Hemp parallel with the presidential election - victory for hemp.

WHC13 had more than 17 million viewers from over 72 countries worldwide and with this setting a record in being one of the most viewed online events ever. Vladimir Putin's office sends us a picture of the Russian president in the hemp field. WHC Hemp experts have to begun actively engage them in the preparation of smart hemp policies locally and globally with the suport of the EU Social Fund.

WHC14 next to the US White House and the EU, Slovenian and international hemp interest ministries, activists, and internatonal hemp associations and EIHA this time we join actively the EU Parliament and global investors and innovators. The global hemp policy begins to move with the help of mass activists around the world. Thanks to the most prominent press houses and their tireless public awareness, Hemp's policy in Russia, Japan, the EU and the US has reached a peak in the harmonization of hemp legislation laws at the states levels. US Embassy in Slovenia is actively involved in the WHC event.

WHC15 is revolutionary year, when we united globally public with hemp presentation by the largest international hemp associations and with them actively move hemp vision local, national and combine and build international politics via social media in we more in 80 Countries. Hemp receives the challenge of the highest economic potential plant, the legalization and regulation of the hemp law begins to fill the State Treasurys with Taxes. Cannabis begins to be integrated into modern medicine and moves into research and superior developments. Russia legalize hemp, after this news we recording on WHC social media record over 18.000 leaks daily, the number of WHC readers on our site is countless.

WHC16 is a year of extraordinary global hemp progress, innovation and discoveries with a strong international economy. In 2016 year, WHC is setting up its own recordings library of WHC top international seminars and presentations. WHC speakers were present global most visible, best and the most promising hemp results in front of more than 50 million live audiences in social media. WHC international hemp education is available publicly now. The world's largest hemp association EIHA with CEO Reinders in WHC LIVE launch and leads internationally a public-political and agricultural debate in order to speed up common hemp economy, and advocates adapting international agricultural policies in rural and economic. The EU Parliament invites WHC to a public debate in front of the EU Parliament, where the WHC CEO Robić, clearly expresses global views on the promotion of the hemp economy, common EU and international policies, with the aim of legalizing and harmonizing the international hemp market, development and agriculture.


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EVENT Ljubljana, Slovenia EU
GR Narava – zdravje / Nature - Health 12. – 15. October 2017

 Majda Robić CEO WHC with Excellent WHC team



The business of cannabis was highlighted by Majda Robic, who stated that there is the need for an EU-wide, standardised market for cannabis products. The US industry is forecast to be worth more than $40B by 2020, and for the European industry to reach the same scale requires a common language across the EU. The creation of this market was being driven by regulators who don’t understand cannabis, and so more education is required at all levels of the market.

Majda Robić in name WORLD HEMP CONGRESS Team cast his vote to EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT for a common EU rules, for total market-oriented policy in the field cannabis healing and common other international professional hemp business activities.

WORLD HEMP CONGRESS was represented in International Conference on Medical Cannabis in European Parliament, Brussels, ASP 1G2 30th November 2016 with the request
Resolving EU hemp legal barriers for health and business by
WHC European Parliament speaker Majda Robić
WORLD HEMP CONGRESS CEO, NGO Agri Lobbyist, EU Social- agri project CEO


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