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Team, Speakers, Members, Guests and general public!


This year we have globally promoted and shared knowledge of hemp as growing economic industry via more than 50 social media. Although this fact is important we would like to stress it is much more important to: promoting alliances, educate, networking in economic hemp industries, working on new global developmental approaches in hemp industry, accepting the challenge of new innovative and ecological approach to products, business opportunities and open and supported global hemp industry. One of the main tasks in this area is also networking and forging of global alliances, raising awareness among the general public and equal access to information. All this does not only contribute to the accelerated growth of global hemp industry, but it also represents a substantial participle in agriculture. Agriculture is in dire need of finding new approaches to modern hemp production/cultivation, which is going to enable biodiversity. All this naturally supported by the respective legislation and with added new challenge of mitigating climate change. Hemp is in the position to ‘manage’ all this very well!

Let our mutual challenge be to raise the quality of our work and services, stay globally connected e-hemp community, combine and promote global hemp interests of the public.

THANK YOU, for fulfilling your hemp mission, but most of all for being the global voice of your work, development, knowledge, experiences, organization etc.

See you at WORLD HEMP CONGRESS – sLOVEnija !

Majda Robić CEO WHC & Team






Mr. Rick Simpson / CANADA; Mr. Paul Benhaim / AUSTRALIA; Mr. Daniel Kruse EIHA Board Member / GERMANY; Ms. Andrea Hermann, M.Sc., P.Ag. B.GS. / CANADA; Ms. Majda Robić / SLOVENIA; Mr. Winston W Wirht / Mr. Dejan Rengeo Univ. B.Sc. AGR. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Karl Raab / AUSTRIA; Mr. Barack Obama / USA; Mr. Zsolt Nemeth Phd. / HUNGARY; Mr. Doug Fine / New Mexico, USA; Mr. Alex Rogers / Oregon, USA; Ms. Tanja Bagar Phd. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Andrej Poljanec / SLOVENIA; Ms. Lucija Kolar Phd. / SLOVENIA; Ms. Esther Molenwijk / NETHERLANDS; Mr. Steve Danks / UNITED KINGDOM; Ms. Hana Gabrielová / CZECH  REPUBLIC; Mr. Gary Gabrel / Colorado, USA; Mr. Vinko Skraban / SLOVENIA Ms. Bianca Žvorc Moriss M.Sc. / USA / SLOVENIA; Ms. Andreja Černak Meglič Phd. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Max Igan / AUSTRALIA / USA; Mr. Ratko Martinović / CROATIA; Mr. Tomaž Koren / SLOVENIA; Mr. Terry Barman / IRELAND; Mr. Miha Stefe / SLOVENIA / HONG KONG; Mr. Gianpaolo Grassi / ITALY; Ms. Marjetka Jakob BA / SLOVENIA; Mr. Boris Banas / UNITED KINGDOM / SLOVAKIA; Mr. Friedrish Pinteritsch / AUSTRIA;  Mr. "Radical Russ" / USA; Mr. Dario Cortese / SLOVENIA; Mr. Paul J. von Hartmann / California, USA; Mr. Al Gore / USA;  Mr. Valerio Zucchini / ITALY; Mr. D. PAUL STANFORD / USA; Sir Richard Brenson / USA; Mr. Diamantis Georgopoulos / GREECE; Mr. Sani Okretič Resulbegović / SLOVENIA; Mr. Green Sativssky / ISRAEL; Mrs. Maja Klemen Cokan / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jure Zubak B.Sc CROATIA / BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINIA; Mr. S. Vizantinopoulos Phd. / GREECEMag.  Andrija Petrović / CROATIA; Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment Republic of Slovenia / SLOVENIA; Ms. Saša Štraus Phd. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Tjalling Erkelens / NETHERLANDS; Mr. William Courtney MD / California, USA; Mr. Nicolas R. Wagener / LUXEMBOURG; Mr. Anton Balažek M.Sc - Mayor of Lendava / SLOVENIA; Mr. Stanislav Gjerkeš / SLOVENIA; Mr. Derek Kesek CANADA & COSTA RICA; Mr. Dejan Židan M.Sc / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jožef Horvat / SLOVENIA M.Sc; Mr. Marko Močnik M.Sc / SLOVENIA; Mr. Slavko Škvorc / SLOVENIA; Mr. Ian Jan / SLOVENIA; Ms. Blanka Denko Čeh / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jindřich Bayer / CZECH REPUBLIC; Mr. Borut Šket / SLOVENIA; Mr. Mihael Kasaš PhD. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Zlatko Razboršek / SLOVENIA; Mr. Srečko Koklič / SLOVENIA; Nobel Prize-winner dr. Mohammad Yunus / BANGLADESH; Mr. Andrej Sušnik / SLOVENIA; Ministry of labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities /SLOVENIA; Ministry of the interior / SLOVENIA; Ministry of agriculture and environment / SLOVENIA; Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Mr. Dejan Židan, M.Sc. /SLOVENIA; Ms. Tanja Strniša M.Sc. State Secretary / SLOVENIA; Minister of Labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities, Ms. Anja Kopač Mrak D.Sc. / SLOVENIA; Ms. Martina Vuk, State Secretary / SLOVENIA; Mr. Branko RavnikHead of chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia (CAFS) / SLOVENIA; Ms. Alenka Marjetič Žnider / SLOVENIA; Mr. Gorazd Gruntar / SLOVENIA; Mr. Milan Kalan / SLOVENIA; Ms. Nataša Ferant M.Sc. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jože Hren / SLOVENIA; Ms. Barbara Razinger M.Sc. / SLOVENIA; Ms. Saša Štraus D.Sc. / SLOVENIA; Mr. Andrej Majes / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jože Majes / SLOVENIA; Mr. Jaka Bitenc / SLOVENIA; Mr. Shantu Mishra / INDIA; Technology park Varaždin Ltd. /CROATIA; J. Stefan Institute / SLOVENIA; Pomurje Technology park Ltd. / SLOVENIA;  Youth culture incubator – Mansarda / SLOVENIA







Organizers of the WORLD HEMP CONGRESS – Slovenia kindly ask all participants to act and comply with the laws of the EU, Republic of Slovenia and the laws of their respective country. For any possible violation we shall not be liable. Project rights reserved. Panonia - Institute for alternative and agricultural plants with emphasis on ecology and climate change with the WHC team.

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